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Each person has his or her own way of learning. That’s why, a visual dictionary can always come in handy. I have listed some I particularly like.

1.I recommend this one for Basic students. Simple and cute drawings!
2. The following contains photos.
3. Photographic Dictionary shows not only pictures but words in context. In other words, in sentences.
4. Sorted by topics, you can also search by name. In addition, it has a game section!
5. When you check this one out, you might think it’s the same as the previous one. I had that impression but I also have the feeling Merriam Webster’s dictionary was the source of ikonet’s dictionary…Its game section is arranged by date and not by topic; you have to guess by the picture. 
6.For intermediate and advanced students.The next one isn’t about images. The meanings are found through associations with words and concepts using an attractive interface. However, if you don’t find a word at the first attempt you’ll have to try with the noun or adjective, make sure you aren’t typing a conjugated form.
There are many more worth exploring but I think you can become overwhelmed searching for more and more.
See you later alligator!

Autor: satoangela

English teacher at a language institute in LIma, Peru. Interested in sharing, learning. Looking for more communication, innovation, motivation and other -tions :)


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