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EGG and EGG – idiom of the week

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Egg picture retrieved from pixabay


I don’t eat eggs but I can talk about them. Eggs in sentences:

Felice jumped from the bridge after her boyfriend egged her on.

We just couldn’t help it. We shouted at Skyler because he kept egging us on.

The others egged me on to drink more. I was already drunk so I didn’t care.

Don’t let others egg you on!

Have you ever egged someone on? When was the last time you were egged on by someone?

Cambridge dictionary: to strongly encourage someone to do something that might not be a very good idea

The free dictionary: egg on – urge on; cause to act; “The other children egged the boy on, but he did not want to throw the stone through the window”


Autor: satoangela

English teacher at a language institute in LIma, Peru. Interested in sharing, learning. Looking for more communication, innovation, motivation and other -tions :)


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