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Passive modals – Intermediate 7

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In the Passive Voice the action is more significant than the performer of it. Ignore him/her/it  and focus on what was done.

People shouldn’t eat meat.

Who should eat less? People

What shouldn’t they eat? Meat

MEAT shouldn’t be eaten.

Let’s remember:

In class

What shouldn’t be done? Hamburgers shouldn’t be eaten.

What mustn’t be done? Our mobile phone mustn’t be answered. It’s against the rules.

What can’t be done? Swimming can’t be done. We don’t have a pool! A pool can’t be built!

What might be done with perimission? A breakfast party might be carried out with the teacher’s permission.

What might be done in 6 years? Tablets might be used in class.

passive with should and can. write your answers on a piece of papaer and click a link for the answers

Read the sentence and rewrite it in passive

passive voice and passive with modals.

multiple choice


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