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“No matter who you are, you can always …

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 …become a better version of yourself.” (Madonna)

A) Complete the sentences with the correct question word:

  1. No matter ____ others say, you should follow your dreams.
  2. No matter ___ beautiful she is, no guy. wants to go out with her
  3. No matter ___it was written, it will always be considered a masterpiece.
  4.  No matter ____ wealthy he is, he never gives any money to charity.
  5. No matter ___ carefully you drive, you shouldn’t drink alcohol.
  6. No matter ___ he goes, the police will find him.
  7. No matter ____ you are, you must respect others.

B)Rewrite the sentences using no matter:

  1. Everywhere I go, I see the same sign.
  2. Whatever they say, don’t believe in them.
  3. He tries very hard, but she is never impressed.
  4. We asked everyone;however, no one knew about the incident.
  5. You can leave the house anytime. We will accept your decision.

 Grammar Self-Check -Summit 2 



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