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MOOC: massive open online course

To my mind, we should never stop learning. Setting our eyes on being life-long learners can keep us motivated even though we can reach frustration at times, but that’s the whole point of it – tackling challenges and growing.

Thanks to a previous MOOC at Canvas Network I resolved I would get more involved with technology and one of the steps was starting my own blog. It was an enriching experience and this one thing has lead to others. I still don’t feel as a digital native, but I am definitely not a lost ball in the high weeds.

However, this time I might be a not so active participant due to all the work load of the month. I’ll still give it a go and get some enrichement. What about you?

Here is the course description:

Introduction to Learning Technologies
Ends March 23, 2015, 69 Days Remaining

This short course will provide an introduction to how learning technologies may support student collaboration, reflection, creation, sharing, and other key elements of learning. It will provide an opportunity for you to consider how learning technologies support your courses as well as your own professional development and research.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Utilize learning technologies in your teaching and for your professional development
  • Evaluate various learning technologies in relation to their potential contribution to student learning
  • Create and publish digital learning resources for use in teaching
  • Discuss issues around the use of learning technologies including digital citizenship, digital literacy and access

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English teacher at a language institute in LIma, Peru. Interested in sharing, learning. Looking for more communication, innovation, motivation and other -tions :)


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