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Can – present ability; could: polite requests – Basic 4

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Made at background picture: mountaind retrieved from

Made at
background picture: mountain retrieved from

Could you please tell me about your abilities? (polite request)

Well, I can speak 3 languages. I can play the piano but not very well. Also, I can ride a bike but not so fast. (expressing present abilities)


Englisch-hilfen: Short answers

English grammar secrets:

Mix and match

Put the words in order

What can they do? How well can they do it? – with video

An exercise by Montse Morales for The English Learning Website

Esl Games Plus: Catapult Game


Learn American English online

Read the questions, listen and answer by Damien Zellers

Can – Could (ability and requests): made by Carmen Luisa

Many exercises at


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English teacher at a language institute in LIma, Peru. Interested in sharing, learning. Looking for more communication, innovation, motivation and other -tions :)

2 pensamientos en “Can – present ability; could: polite requests – Basic 4

  1. It’s Great, I would like more practice about basic five, i think that your blog it’s interesting for me, Congratulation Angela!

    Me gusta

    • Thank you so much Pierto. I’m sorry for taking so long to answer. Unfortunately, I am not teaching Basic 5 this month, but if there’s something you really want to practise first you can ask for it and I will try to look for some extra exercises. Take care!

      Me gusta


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