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Basic 6 -Unit: 5, electronics and appliances

Listening and speaking:

Exercise on appliances:


More vocabulary:


featured image: outlet

CC0 Public Domain

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Basic 10, Unit car parts and driving vocabulary


Car parts

Picture dictionary with listening exercises

Exterior parts

Interior parts

On the road vocabulary:

Driving vocabulary:

Listening and reading practice:


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Tongue twisters – vowel sounds

Some of my students wanted to read the tongue twisters I presented in class. So I am posting them here with some links where you can also listen to others.

  1. Don’t wait there in wet clothes, and don’t sell sails when it is raining.
  2. The rain in Wales in April and May makes people stay away!
  3. The fat cat had an *uncanny way of catching rats.
    *Strange and mysterious
  4. These pieces of cheese are big.

You can copy these tongue twisters and paste them here: and then if you click on Say it! you can listen to them. In addition, you can change the speed and you can choose between female or male voice.

Here are other tongue twisters if you are interested.

Read and listen

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Basic 7- Unit 7

Many of you requested listening practice for the past simple ending of regular verbs. Here I have some links with explanations (if you were absent), examples, audios and exercises.



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Can – present ability; could: polite requests – Basic 4

Made at background picture: mountaind retrieved from

Made at
background picture: mountain retrieved from

Could you please tell me about your abilities? (polite request)

Well, I can speak 3 languages. I can play the piano but not very well. Also, I can ride a bike but not so fast. (expressing present abilities)


Englisch-hilfen: Short answers

English grammar secrets:

Mix and match

Put the words in order

What can they do? How well can they do it? – with video

An exercise by Montse Morales for The English Learning Website

Esl Games Plus: Catapult Game


Learn American English online

Read the questions, listen and answer by Damien Zellers

Can – Could (ability and requests): made by Carmen Luisa

Many exercises at

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Character names which are nouns or verbs

The title of this entry has boldly invoked a myriad of names. A list that I do not attempt to fully complete as the number terms I am interested in clarifying is extremely scanty if we come to realize the overwhelming amount of them which exist in English. I would like to spark some people’s curiosity and let them notice the meaning of a few names may help in making learning vocabulary more memorable. Beginner students acquire a sense of enlightenment when they become aware of the “hidden” meaning of names they have heard so many times. Spanglish offers this opportunity with a couple of words, such as bisteck (beef steak) or wachiman (watchman). At high school I remember a friend of mine had noticed how Popeye is pronounced  in the Spanish-dubbed version – Po-p/ɛ/y-y/ɛ/;in contrast to the actual correct English pronunciation. The discovery cracked us up and we were a little offended by the change in pronunciation.   The following list is in alphabetical order.


A Jack is someone who does heavy jobs. Applejack from My Little Pony certainly joyously involves in work that demands great physical effort. Similarly, we have the term lumberjack – a person who transports timber, logged trees. Moreover, applejack is also an alcoholic drink made from apples. The character in the series makes and sells cider, too.

ALL the pony names in the series have meanings. However, I thought hers didn’t have a meaning that could be so easily elicited. Besides, from the more than 200 ponies, she is the most famous. List of ponies – Wikia

2. Buzz Lightyear and Woody:

The words buzz has a lot of meanings. For this character I think that as a verb to fly low and as a noun (informal) excited interest or attention are the meanings that best apply since he achieves flying and his arrival caused commotion among Andy’s toys. Woody the cowboy was a less modern, more old-fashiones style toy compared to the astronaut. He isn’t made of wood as far as I am concerned. I looked the name up and it appeared as a form of the male given name, Woodrow, at

3. Flounder:

This verb means to struggle clumsily or helplessly. Ariel, the little mermaid from Walt Disney, was accompanied by her insecure friend, Flounder. Unlike, the closeness to the verb,  he certainly differs from the fish with the same name which is a fish that has a flat body and swims on its side with both eyes on the upper side.

4. Flotsam and Jestsam:


Moray eel by duncan 88x31

    Disney’s Little Mermaid movie contains many characters with names to exploit. It also has several follow-ups with names that are worth taking in. Ursula, the half octopus sea witch, had two moray eel pets. Both character names are related to the shipwreck. Flotsam is the part of the wreckage of a ship and its cargo found floating on the water and jetsam refers to the floating objects that are thrown into the water from a ship to lighten it or regain stability. flotsam-426785_640 (1)   Flotsam by tawil88x31

5. Popeye:

Popeye always has one eye closed.  In colloquial language to be popeyed has two meanings- to have your eyes open in suprise or literally that an eye or both are protruding.

6. Scooby Doo and Shaggy:

"Scooby-gang-1969" by DVD frame capture taken by FuriousFreddy from Scooby-Doo's Original Mysteries DVD (Region 1). DVD copyright © 2000 Warner Home Video.. Licensed under Fair use of copyrighted material in the context of Scooby-Doo via Wikipedia

“Scooby-gang-1969” by DVD frame capture taken by FuriousFreddy from Scooby-Doo’s Original Mysteries DVD (Region 1). DVD copyright © 2000 Warner Home Video.. Licensed under Fair use of copyrighted material in the context of Scooby-Doo via Wikipedia

After doing some reseach on this one I finally found an appropriate deifnition in the online Collins Dictionary: I don’t have a scooby doo what you’re talking about Often shortened to:scooby. The scaredy dog is part of  Mystery, Inc. and he also involves in looking for clues. Shaggy his friend has long brown hair. His name is an adjective to describe a person or animal with long messy hair.

7. Splinter:


          Astillas de madera de fondo by Petr Kratochvil pdp-button-small

    The teenage mutant ninja turtles’ sensei is the wise mutant rat, Splinter. His origins vary across the original comic, series and movies. One of them is that he was formerly Hamato Yoshi, who mutated into a rat and was given the nickname due to his conspicuous ablity to break wooden boards. A splinter is a small, thin, sharp piece split or broken off from the main body.

8. Tinker Bell:

“TinkerbellDisney” by Disney Hadas (Disney Latino’s version of Disney Fairies) downloads section. Licensed under Fair use of copyrighted material in the context of Tinkerbell  via Wikipedia

In Peter Pan she would fly around him and spread her fairy dust. Afterwards, she obtained more protagonism starring her own movies where her name is better understood. A tinker is someone who travels and fixes metal ultensils. In addition, it is also used to designate a clumsy worker. Sadly, in Spanish her name was reduced to Campanita (Small Bell) and can’t be interpreted as in English.

9. Tom:

The male of various animals is called a tom. A tomcat is a male cat that hasn’t been castrated and consequenlty marks his territory and fights over females. You will remember how Tom from ‘Tom and Jerry” would ignore his sometimes mousefriend to court a female cat.

More on the name’s background:

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How do you say ___ in English?

Students are usually filled with questions and they always enjoy discoverying vocabulary that relates to their daily lives, especially slang. There are some words I have been asked about many a time. Below I have listed them with their meaning and an example sentence.

namesake (tocayo/a)

someone or something that has the same name as another person or thing.

One of my school teachers’ first name was Graciela which is my middle name. Sadly, we didn’t get along and I didn’t want people to know she was my namesake.

craving (antojo)

a very strong desire for something.

Honestly, I am unable to recollect if I had cravings during my pregnancy. It is said that pregnant women have  intense and unpredictable cravings.

sore loser, informal (Perú: picón/a)

someone who doesn’t take defeat well, especially one who complains. 

Several people dislike losing. Problems arise when some do not want to accept they have  lost. If you lose, don’t become a sore loser . Try to have fun!

hit man/ contract killer (sicario/a)

a person who is paid to kill someone.

It a pity this term is here. Some months ago there was news about contract killers or hit men murdering politicians or diverse victims of mafias.

henpecked, informal (pisado)

a man dominated by a woman, especially his wife

I believe that the use of this term is more than often unfair. When in a relationship,  both parts must make some sacrifices and spend quality time together. Agreeing with your wife’s or girlfriend’s requests isn’t a manifestation of domination. A henpecked man is dependent and easily controlled by his wife.

To my mind, people should stop using sexist terms as this one. Wives who are victims of violence or psychological abuse by their husbands can even put their lives in risk. It is a serious issue to bring under discussion. On the contrary, when the opposite happens –  a man being harassed by his spouse – it isn’t taken seriously.

capricious (caprichoso/a)

not logical or reasonable : based on an idea, desire, etc., that is not possible to predict.

As a teen I could be very capricious and change my mind suddenly. Like small children who might want something even if it’s bad for them, such as lots of candy.

Tupperware ® container

containers from a brand of plastic containers used for storing food.

I have just started taking my lunch to work in a plastic container. In Spanish we call this type of food storage boxes tappers. The name comes from Earl Tupper’s plastic products. Nowadays Tupperware is a brand name people use as a generic name for food storage boxes.

Notice that Rubbermaid doesn’t address its products as Tupperware ones.

Mischief, uncountable noun  (travesura)

All Children make mischief without bad intentions. My daughter draws on the wall or uses the shampoo to blow bubbles and makes mischief out of curiosity and fun.

Since my students are Spanish speakers it’s inevitable they notice similarities between both languages. At times they just opt for constructing nouns, adjectives or verbs as if they were cognates -words that have  the same origin or roots and the same meaning. For instance, the word animal which differs in pronunciation or invitation which is written similar to invitación. It’s so common for beginners to substitute the  -ción ending for –tion in an attempt to speak more fluently but then they get some funny words or words that actually exist but with a different meaning from one language to another. In other words, false cognates or false friends.

The most recurrent in my classes are:

Question, verb (cuestionar)

to express doubt about.

A number of learners ask whether they can question me when they mean ask.  

Actually  (en realidad)

Numerous people believe I am Chinese. Actually, I am Peruvian with a Japanese background.

You will find tons of information on false friends online. Therefore, my main interest was writing in regard to other frequently asked vocabulary.

A simplet quizlet set to review and check pronunciation:

Related links:

It’s enjoyable to learn some new words, but you must be careful how you use them.

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Present simple exercises – Basic 2

It is a good day to review!

How often do you use the Internet to study?

Do you watch videos or listen to music on youtube?

Try these exercises and get more practice.


Present simple exercises:

conjugate the verb in parenthesis

write Yes/No questions: Do/Does ….?

present simple questions


various exercises on present simple

Unscramble the sentences with frequency adverbs




complete the sentences

Reading from Check out the page for more activities!

Exercises from esl.about:


Mary’s Hobbies and Interests

Tim’s day


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Is it time …- Basic 1

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
― Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

Multiple choice exercise

Mutliple choice 2

Matching exercise

Write the time: use the words past, quarter and to

Watch the video, click on Exercise 1. Listen, repeat and record your voice. You need a microphone. Then, watch the video with subtitles.

Various exercises

Listen and write the time on a separate piece of papaer. The click on the blanks to check your answers

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Past simple -Basic 3


Regular verbs


Match 2

sentences and questions

positive,negative or question

complete with the past tense of the verbs in parenthesis

Mixed excercises

Reading 1

Reading 2

Reading 3

Reading 3 comprehension questions

Reading 3 answers

Englisg4all: many exercises

Video: Victoria Fontana of (watch with subtitle,too)

Featured image: Footsteps