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Niños básico 10

Estimados padres, madre y alumnos:

Aquí les dejo unos links para que puedan repasar la gramática de la primera unidad del ciclo


opción múltiple. escoger la conjugación correcta.


unir el sujeto con la conjugación correcta.


completar con do o don’t.


completar las oraciones y preguntas con el verbo auxiliar: do, does, don’t o doesn’t.


escribir la oración en negativo.



completar las respuestas


escoger la opción correcta para completar las oraciones y preguntas.

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Clothes – Basic 2


laundry by Peter Griffin retriieved from

laundry by Peter Griffin
retriieved from


clothes and colors:

click start and answer the quiz

listen and match

clothe crossword puzzle

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Basic 3 – writing Unit 9

Some of you were absent. Here is the information again:

My Plans for next Week

Plan + Writing, please!

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MIXED PAST TENSES – Intermediate 10

For today only links.


Interesting animated Timeline

example sentences and exercises

past tenses review

paste tenses multiple choice quiz

reading: complete the blanks

a.choose the correct answer   b.decide whether the statement is correct or not


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Classroom management E-poster


In my quest for betterment I looked for online classroom posters . I was delighted to find there are many teachers creating their own posters by hand and also by computer. I have saved some pictures onto my computer. I’ve already chosen one to use as classroom poster and two to use as E-posters. I’ll show you the first one I have adapted on Thinglink. Feel free to use it whenever you need it.

If your young learners are getting noisy a good strategy to direct their attention to you is by using the suprise factor. In my poster  there are play buttons for sounds, such as someone playing a horn, to get their attention. The idea is to use different sounds as the poster will be used more than once. Then, there’s a button to play someone hushing. Finally, the buttons on the bottom play claps and cheers to compliment the kids.

The first step after drawing their attention to the front is to model the activity. After, have students follow, praise them and continue with your planned tasks.





Thanks for reading! Have a fabulous weekend!

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Just for fun!

T.G.I.F.! Actually, I feel every day is a good day. I know that the weekend is special for the majority and I have decided to write about something amusing. Yesterday I was looking for apps that might be not only entertaining but also challenging – and if possible that involve some learning. Suddenly, I run into one that seems worth it.





I was talking with my colleagues about it and that’s how I discovered it’s on Istore ,too. Its logo resembles the one Series or dumb deaths or Dumb ways to die’s, but ir’s from a different developer :AllinaDaysPlay.Besides, it’s a completely different idea. I don’t like the latter since it gets reptitive and I avoid games related to deaths.

Back to the issue, here are some examples. The cues on top do not appear on the game. In addition, you can pay some coins (earned when passing a level) to get some hints, but not the complete amswer.

unnamedunnamed (1)descarga


From my viewpoint the game is rather creative and might help you activate some vocabulary. When you get the answer you won’t forget it! I had to do some research on collocations to get an answer. If you just search for the answers online you will miss the aim. On the other hand, you are likely to encounter very tough brain-teasers and you’ll be tempted to cheat.


Similarly, the developer has released: Fun ways to learn:Places. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get the answer right away. It’s just a game!