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Advanced 5 – unit 11: speaking

Compare/Contrast Vocabulary

Language of comparison and contrast

Comparisons with Nouns


CAE tips


Featured imaged:

Trillium erectum comparing red and white color varieties.jpg

wikimedia commons

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Vocabulary to describe pictures – Advanced 7


Canvas image:  CC0 Public Domain


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Alphabear: Word it out!


Word games are perhaps not as popular as other bright 3D strategy games flooding Playstore and Istore. Nonetheless, Alphabear is a quite popular app. Basically, you have to spell words by selecting letters on a grid. Not only that, you must also prioritize your letter choices. Leaving letters unused for many turns makes them turn into bricks which take away space from the board which doesn’t let the bears that appear on it expand. The bigger the bears, the higher your score.

The game is free and you can play offline, too. Besides, it has adorable minimalst kawaii-style bears you can win if you score the necessary points. I have read many people (and that includes me) get hooked on it and it gets incredibly challenging as they progress through the game. This might just make you try harder and feel like looking up words.  I definitely think it’s worth giving it a try and checking your vocabulary. You might find new words when  trying to sort them out. Play and learn!

Check out the developer’s website,, to watch Alphabear’s trailer!


Origen: Alphabear

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Advanced 5 – Participle clauses



Type the type of participle clause you are asked:

Reduced Relative Clauses


Multiple choice (If you choose the wrong answer an explanation will be provided)

Type using the correct forms


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Aesop’s fables free online course at ALISON

I really enjoy free online courses and this time I have found a course that might be considered attractive to many since it is about Aesop. I have read and heard many of Aesop’s fables as a child. However, I hadn’t researched about the author. Do you remember reading his fables? Perhaps some of the most famous are The Crow and the Fox and The Lion and the Mouse.

This free online course teaches about him and  it aims to remind us of the lessons in the fables and to reflect on how we can apply them on our everyday life. What is more, you can work on your vocabulary and reading skills.

It is free (no regisration fees are applied), self-paced (you can start and continue anytime you want) and it has quizzes you can retake if your answers were wrong. You will find nice artwork, too. Moreover, you can get certified. Here is part of the course description:


To qualify for your official ALISON Diploma, Certificate or PDF you must study and complete all modules and score 80% or more in each of the course assessments. A link to your Diploma certificate will then appear under the My Certificates heading of your My Account page.


On completion of this course you will have read 60 Aesop’s fables and you will be able to identify and, demonstrate an understanding of, the moral or lesson that applies to a selection of those fables.

Link to the course:

Featured Image:

“Mintonbluefc2” by Minton’s Pottery – Licensed under Public Domain via Commons –

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Advanced 2, Unit 9, Lesson 1 – Passive voice


Present, past and future:

Future : predictions about the future

Will/ be going to + be + past participle

Future perfect: Actions that will be completed before some point in the future

will + have + been + Past Participle

Future as seen from the past: 

Would+ be+ past participle 

answers below


Passive Review:









Answers to Grammar Self-checks

1. a
2. b
3. a
Our lives will be improved by technology.

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Negative Inversion – Advanced 7

Video with explanation and examples thanks to  SMRT English

SMRT English inversion exercise

Learn English Today examples and exercise

More exercises:

Perfect English Grammar

Esl-lounge: multiple choice

Random idea blogspot

Oxford University Press: write the correct words in the blanks



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Cleft sentences – Emphasis- Advanced 7

The reason why we should keep learning is

  • to challenge ourselves.
  • to stimulate our brains.
  • to keep up with current trends.
  • to obtain a better understanding of the unceasningly changing world.

“We use cleft sentences, especially in speaking, to connect what is already understood to what is new to the listener. In a cleft sentence, a single message is divided (cleft) into two clauses. This allows us to focus on the new information.” Cambridge Dictionaries Online

BBC world service explanation and exercises

Educastur pdf with answer key

Multiple-choice exercise (made by Carmen Luisa)

Oxford University Press: unscramble the sentences

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Conditionals and conditional conjunctions Advanced 3

As you know we have started the year with tons of changes. Remember to read all the information you have been requested. For the moment I’ll write simple posts. This one if for the first lesson.

“Condition : If / Unless / As long as”

as long as, in case of, in case and unless

As long as, providing that and unless

*provided that is more formal than providing that




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CAE Writing samples

Made with Angela Sato

Made with

No matter how you feel about your writing skills, reading samples will help you have a clearer understanding of how to fulfill the expectations of the task. Even though we proofread, we tend to  overlook mistakes or we are unable to recognize that the language we have used is does not suit the purpose. Consequently, comparing your drafts with the following examples will result in obtaining better writing skills.

“Get advice from exam writing expert Fiona Joseph with her weekly CAE writing task. See corrected answers submitted by students in our ‘Makeover’ page. Plus: vocabulary and grammar exercises to help you develop your writing skills!”
Flo-Joe CAE Writing Class

Writing Tasks from the CAE Handbook – Cambridge ESOL Russia