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Answers to ´NO MATTER´exercises

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

1st post with exercise

Exercise A:

  1. what
  2. how
  3. when
  4. how
  5. how
  6. where
  7. who

Exercise B:

  1. No matter where I go, I see the same sign.
  2. No matter what they say, don’t believe in them.
  3. No matter how hard he tries, she is never impressed.
  4. No matter who we asked, no one knew about the incident.
  5. No matter when you visit us, you will always be welcome.
  6. No matter when you leave the house, we will always accept your decision.

Grammar Self-checks .Unit 3, page 30
Clauses with No matter…

Answers below


1. who, whom, what, when, where
2. carefully
3. tired
4. b
5. a

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Conditionals Worksheet(12) answers – Intermediate 4

Time flies and we are covering three units! In order to save time I am provinding the answers to the worksheet here.



1. if you need anything, I’ll get it for you.

2. if it wasn’t raining, I’d get it for you.

3. If I could fly. I would go to the moon.

4. If it’s not the right size, I’ll bring it back.

5.If I were younger, I would join you.


1.I would visit the Science Museum if it were open.

2.If the shops are open, I’ll buy some new clothes.

3.I’d go to the island if it weren’t so far.

4.If the weather is nice, I’ll go to the zoo.

5. I’d go for a sail around the harbour if there were enough time.