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Alphabear: Word it out!


Word games are perhaps not as popular as other bright 3D strategy games flooding Playstore and Istore. Nonetheless, Alphabear is a quite popular app. Basically, you have to spell words by selecting letters on a grid. Not only that, you must also prioritize your letter choices. Leaving letters unused for many turns makes them turn into bricks which take away space from the board which doesn’t let the bears that appear on it expand. The bigger the bears, the higher your score.

The game is free and you can play offline, too. Besides, it has adorable minimalst kawaii-style bears you can win if you score the necessary points. I have read many people (and that includes me) get hooked on it and it gets incredibly challenging as they progress through the game. This might just make you try harder and feel like looking up words.  I definitely think it’s worth giving it a try and checking your vocabulary. You might find new words when  trying to sort them out. Play and learn!

Check out the developer’s website,, to watch Alphabear’s trailer!


Origen: Alphabear

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Boost your language with Magoosh!

Magoosh is a play on the Old Persian word, “magush”, one who is highly learned, wise and generous.

Are you a sedulous student? Learning new language successfully implies being assiduous and those who commit are more likely to study with alacrity.

App time again! “Magoosh is an online education company with a focus on teaching through vidaeos and personalized customer support.” They offer  resources for test preparation  for people intending to take the GRE, GMAT,SAT and TOEFEL. Tons of contented customer write reviews lauding their services.

We can get  their apps for free –  Vocabulary builders, vocabulary flashcards and video lessons (5 hours of video and audio). I have downloaded GMAT idioms (collocations) and GRE Vocabulary Builder. On this post I have focused on the ones for English vocabulary only.

GRE Vocabulary Builder: Multiple choice questions. In terms of grading there aren’t any numerical scores. There is a score bar that is filled as you answer correctly. If you get a wrong answer, you will be shown the answer with an example with the lexical item, thus you will be shown the word again until you answer correctly. Enough repetition will reinforce  the acquisition. Try creating your own examples. According to Magoosh, their apps use  “a spaced repetition system. Words you are learning will reappear frequently (occurring less frequently the better you know them) and words you already know won’t be repeated.”


On the other hand, TOEFL Vocabulary Flascards presents vocabulary items whose meaning the learner has to remember and then tap to screen to confirm the definition. An example sentence is provided, too. Progress tracking is carried out as with the following app.

GMAT idiom flashcards: Two examples are shown and you must decide (by thinking not marking) which one is correct then tap and get feedback. Next, select the option ‘I knew this idiom’ or ‘I didn’t know this idiom’. Three bars will be filled according to your progress: you have mastered this idiom, you are reviewing this idiom or you are learning this idiom. SAT Vocabulary Flashcards and GRE Vocabulary Flashcards work the same way.

screen568x568 (1) screen568x568

GRE Vocabulary Flashcards

As you must have already notice I am fond of cats. Therefore, I simply couldn’t ignore Magoosh’s blog post : SAT VoCATulary: Learn Vocabulary with Cats. Check out their other highly recommended blogs, too.

Other products from Magoosh: Magoosh GRE Prep (200 animated lessons ; math, verbal, and writing preparation), Magoosh Calculus Lessons (135 animated lessons), Magoosh GMAT Prep (video lessons for math, verbal, writing and integrated reasoning.), Magoosh SAT Prep (160 animated lessons; covers math, reading, and writing)

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Magoosh apps on Google Play

 Magoosh apps on Itunes

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Learning idioms

There are many ways to learn. One of the best is looking for what’s simple and effective enough. Who wants gimmicks?

While looking for the idiom of the week I made up my mind about it. There are many other people who have already done something similar or who are doing it. It’s not about being the most original but if you want to learn idioms by checking other sites you’ll find a lot. Autoumous learning is precious. It definitely boosts your knowledge and expands your universe. That’s why I’ll tell you about two tools:  Learn Idioms app by Nupoor Ashish Singla (for android) and (mobile and web for android and IOS).

About the former, I’ve tried it for several days and it’s been running smoothly. Here are its features with the (in my opinion)most relevant ones highlighted.


Feature details: –
* Database of 1000 generally used English Idioms with their Meaning and Example.
* Provides learning program to learn a set of English Idioms daily.
* Mark Idioms as Learnt and/or Favorites.
* Test your knowledge using Quiz for Learnt Idioms and check your worldwide ranking.
* Search English Idioms using keyword.
* See Favorite Idioms, Know history of Learnt Idioms.
* Check learning progress using Charts & Tables.
* Share Idioms with your friends using WhatsApp, facebook, e-mail, SMS, Twitter etc.
* Get notification for Idioms to learn.
* Provides setting for “set notification as on/off” and “number of Idioms to learn in a day”.

Besides, it’s free and ad free! For more information: Learn apps on Googleplay

Perhaps it would be more attractive if it included images to associate with the meaning. The downfalls are I haven’t been able to share via Twitter and every time you finish the 10 question test a message “Unfortunately Learn Idioms has stopped” appears BUT it hasn’t- everything keeps working as it should. In conclusion, the pros outweigh the cons.

Now, the latter, is quite versatile. To create a set of flashcards you need to sign up; however, you can browse through the existing ones without doing so. Images can also be added by uploading one or using quizlet’s own image search engine. If your set consists of terms and deifinitions, you can use the auto-define option which is user-contributed;consequently, not all the definitions might suit your item.


The study mode lets the user learn, review, listen and spell (type), test him/herself,play Scatter (match definitions with terms before time’s up) and Space Race (type the correct answer as terms/definitions scroll across the screen). As today’s world requires sharing via email, Twitter, Facebook, or Short Link is facilitated, too. What is more, you can print in 5 printing modes including 3×5 Index Card – double-sided index cards. For more details : How quizlet works

I just made a set of flashcards for one of my classes. The cards contain sentences with blanks and lexical items from the lesson.

My first set!


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Just for fun!

T.G.I.F.! Actually, I feel every day is a good day. I know that the weekend is special for the majority and I have decided to write about something amusing. Yesterday I was looking for apps that might be not only entertaining but also challenging – and if possible that involve some learning. Suddenly, I run into one that seems worth it.





I was talking with my colleagues about it and that’s how I discovered it’s on Istore ,too. Its logo resembles the one Series or dumb deaths or Dumb ways to die’s, but ir’s from a different developer :AllinaDaysPlay.Besides, it’s a completely different idea. I don’t like the latter since it gets reptitive and I avoid games related to deaths.

Back to the issue, here are some examples. The cues on top do not appear on the game. In addition, you can pay some coins (earned when passing a level) to get some hints, but not the complete amswer.

unnamedunnamed (1)descarga


From my viewpoint the game is rather creative and might help you activate some vocabulary. When you get the answer you won’t forget it! I had to do some research on collocations to get an answer. If you just search for the answers online you will miss the aim. On the other hand, you are likely to encounter very tough brain-teasers and you’ll be tempted to cheat.


Similarly, the developer has released: Fun ways to learn:Places. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get the answer right away. It’s just a game!



















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Buffalo software – Apps 2

We had some days off and I took my time to explore some apps. I have a smarthphone not Iphone, so I don’t have the chance to check Istore’s apps :(. Similarly to the majority of  limeños, I am fond of free apps. I was reviewing some to learn and practice idioms, which meant downloading and trying them.

Luckily I run into of the apps of Buffalo software: Idioms and Phrases. Honestly I had tried it before; however, perhaps due to my old and defective smartphone it didn’t work well. On the weekend it didn’t either, but today I tried one more time and it’s working perfectly. There are many more that just offer a dictionary like approach –  read and understand without practice.

I wrote this today but I changed my mind since the app stopped working well! 😦 The quiz doesn’t open unless you choose at least 2 categories and the questions have the answers on them!!!

It’s a shame to have such a superb idea wasted. On the other hand, they do have one that works well: 3350+ English Grammar Practice



You can check your answers one by one. Touch the tick on the top corner on the right and it show you how many right, wrong and unanswered questions you have. Therefore, if you check one by one you’ll know if it was right or not.

I’ll keep looking for free apps that are worth it!

Have an awesome day!

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Mobile resources

Hi everyone,
I’ve been meaning to post something about apps since I started this blog. Personally, I use the Merriam Webster’s dictionary app. I have also tried It’s really advantageous, with lots of information and weekly updates.However, It has never worked well on my smartphones:( 

I’ll write about dictionary apps another day. But now, let’s get down to business.


“The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations”

There’s a variety of apps for different levels worth checking out.

2.article from BusyTeacher
The downside about the information is that some apps aren’t free.

I have downloaded Busuu to learn Japanese and it’s been really helpful. Therefore, it’s tempting to buy the full version around 45-50 soles. I’ll buy it one day….. It’s just that I’ve had other priorities.


How many apps have you paid for?
I have to admit that none.

Well, that’s all for now.


*Disclaimer: I have not downloaded all the apps. I don’t have the space to do so, either. I am providing information for your consideration.