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Basic 6 -Unit: 5, electronics and appliances

Listening and speaking:

Exercise on appliances:


More vocabulary:


featured image: outlet

CC0 Public Domain

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Basic 8: At the airport videos

Simple videos:

Getting through security:

Video with captions: listen to past simple, going to, ideas related to travelling


BNET videos

You can turn on the captions and read after you watch a first time to understand.  The captions are very accurate for these videos.

How to Speed Through Airport Security:

How to Score the Best Seat on the Plane:


Howcast video:

How to Get an Airline Upgrade:


Movie extract with captions



Featured image: CC0 Public Domain


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flyer-1650549_960_720 CC0 Public Domain


We should hurry or we could be late. Our flight departs in 30 minutes!


Match the statements to the advice:

Affirmative, negative and questions:

Complete the sentences with should or shouldn’t:


Use the words  can  can’t  could  couldn’t to complete the sentences:



Click on Next Question to begin the exercise and to move from question to question.

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Basic 10 – Unit 6, Lesson 1: use to

An action that took place in the past but doesn’t continue in the present:

I didn’t use to do much exercise. Now I train almost everyday.

I used to eat animal products, but now I don’t because I turned vegan.

For actions that you have adapted to or that you are accustomed to:

I am used to speaking in English. I don’t feel uncomfortable.

I am not used to speaking in Japanese.I think my pronunciation might be wrong.

For action that you will get habituated to by frequent repetition or prolonged exposure:

He doesn’t like his new apartment, but he’ll get used to it.

She won’t get used to her new cellphone if she doesn’t use it!

I got used to the new class. I usually adapt well to new people.

Links to practice:

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Basic 2 Present simple – Information Questions

Wh- questions:

multiple choice exercise

Fill in the blanks with do, does, is, or are.

Read the sentences and make questions

Many exercises at

listening actvity: listen and type the answer

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Demonstratives – Basic 2

image by niekverlaan retrieved from

image by niekverlaan retrieved from


video – explanation and exercise:

this or that:

Choose this/these and wear/wears:



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Present Simple- Basic 2: Unit 6 Lesson 2

image retrieved from pixabay

image retrieved from pixabay

He has old pants and old shoes. He doesn’t have new clothes. He needs new clothes.

Does he want new clothes?  Yes, he does! He wants new clothes.


Present simple regular verbs:

Have or has:

Choose do not or does not:

Change to the negative form:

Make questions and negative sentences:

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Clothes – Basic 2


laundry by Peter Griffin retriieved from

laundry by Peter Griffin
retriieved from


clothes and colors:

click start and answer the quiz

listen and match

clothe crossword puzzle

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present simple: to be – Basic 5

We use the verb to be to:

  1. show the position or status of someone: I am a teacher./ She is my boss. /They are my children.
  2. describe the characteristics of something or someone:  He is tall./ It is heavy./ We are 60 years old.
  3. express the location of something or someone: It’s on the left. / I am in front of the bus stop.


Affirmative forms and contractions:

Negative forms and contractions:

Yes/No questions:

Information questions:

Fill in the blanks:

Short answers:

Put the words in order:

Great interactive video exercises by  English Language Club:

Be by johnhain. retreived from

CC0 Public Domain     88x31


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Basic 7- Unit 7

Many of you requested listening practice for the past simple ending of regular verbs. Here I have some links with explanations (if you were absent), examples, audios and exercises.