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Basic 10, Unit car parts and driving vocabulary


Car parts

Picture dictionary with listening exercises

Exterior parts

Interior parts

On the road vocabulary:

Driving vocabulary:

Listening and reading practice:



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Health problems – Basic 4

Doctor by DarkoStojanovic  - picture retrieved from pixabay

Doctor by DarkoStojanovic – picture retrieved from pixabay


  1. AILMENT: a bodily disorder or chronic disease.
  2. REMEDY: a medicine or treatment that relieves pain or cures a usually minor illness. *relieve:  to make (a problem) less serious.
  3. INJURY: harm or damage.


Free online Picture Dictionary for Kids:  At the hospital

*orderly: a person who works in a hospital and does various jobs (such as moving patients or cleaning)



  1. Marshall Adult Education: Look at the pictures and choose the correct option
  2. Jerome Bluingez: Look and match
  3. Learning apps: Drag and match
  4. Web Listen and complete



various exercises



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Which words should I use? – Collocations

Student: Teacher, how do I know which are the correct word combinations? I always use prepositions at random or according to what I think sounds better.

Teacher: It’s a matter of practice. You have to read more and you will remember little by little.

Do you feel identified? Learners often use the language without knowing the rules or the right collocations (group of two or more words that usually go together). More than grammar, using them pertinently is key to express yourself more naturally.




(My first Wordle wordcloud!)

Why should we learn collocations? If you do so, your language will be richer. In other words, you will avoid constant repetition of words, your ideas will flow easily and you will get the listeners  more interested in your ideas. Moreover, you will be easily understood. In addition, learning the language in chunks or blocks of language is easier, faster and more entertaining.

Oxford Online Collocation Dictionary is an advantageous resource you can use when unsure about some expressions and especially when writing. The search results show an explanation of the term and the collocations of the word with nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions as well as common phrases. The layout is not the most eye-catching but it is simple and straightforward.

Try a collocations quiz if to test your knowledge


Do or Make



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Pronunciation 1



  1. Every language has its own sounds.
  2. Listening and pronunciation are related.
  3. Humans can adapt and learn pronunciation.
  4. Learning pronunciation requires time and practice.

What can you do?
Listen and repeat. Pay attention when your teacher repeats what you say, he/she might be correcting your pronunciation. Confirm the pronunciation using an online dictionary.

record your voice and compare. For this, use your cellphone, or your computer microphone.
you can also use a voice recording website :


Be perseverant!

*Datos sobre la  pronunciación:

  1. Cada idioma tiene sus propios sonidos.
  2. Escuchar y pronunciación están relacionados.
  3. Las personas pueden adaptarse y aprender la pronunciación.
  4. El aprendizaje de la pronunciación requiere tiempo y práctica.

¿Qué puedo hacer?
Escuchar y repetir. Presta atención cuando tu profesor/a repite lo que dices, puede estar corriginedo tu pronunciación. Confirma la pronunciación usando un diccionario en línea.

Graba tu voz y comparar. Para ello, utiliza tu teléfono móvil, o el micrófono del equipo.
También puedes utilizar un sitio web de grabación de voz:

Microphone picture retrieved from pixabay


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Mobile resources

Hi everyone,
I’ve been meaning to post something about apps since I started this blog. Personally, I use the Merriam Webster’s dictionary app. I have also tried It’s really advantageous, with lots of information and weekly updates.However, It has never worked well on my smartphones:( 

I’ll write about dictionary apps another day. But now, let’s get down to business.


“The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations”

There’s a variety of apps for different levels worth checking out.

2.article from BusyTeacher
The downside about the information is that some apps aren’t free.

I have downloaded Busuu to learn Japanese and it’s been really helpful. Therefore, it’s tempting to buy the full version around 45-50 soles. I’ll buy it one day….. It’s just that I’ve had other priorities.


How many apps have you paid for?
I have to admit that none.

Well, that’s all for now.


*Disclaimer: I have not downloaded all the apps. I don’t have the space to do so, either. I am providing information for your consideration.

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Each person has his or her own way of learning. That’s why, a visual dictionary can always come in handy. I have listed some I particularly like.

1.I recommend this one for Basic students. Simple and cute drawings!
2. The following contains photos.
3. Photographic Dictionary shows not only pictures but words in context. In other words, in sentences.
4. Sorted by topics, you can also search by name. In addition, it has a game section!
5. When you check this one out, you might think it’s the same as the previous one. I had that impression but I also have the feeling Merriam Webster’s dictionary was the source of ikonet’s dictionary…Its game section is arranged by date and not by topic; you have to guess by the picture. 
6.For intermediate and advanced students.The next one isn’t about images. The meanings are found through associations with words and concepts using an attractive interface. However, if you don’t find a word at the first attempt you’ll have to try with the noun or adjective, make sure you aren’t typing a conjugated form.
There are many more worth exploring but I think you can become overwhelmed searching for more and more.
See you later alligator!

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Classroom objects – induction

picture dictionary:


very simple

with video

Featured image: Colored pencils retrieved from pixabay