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present simple: to be – Basic 5

We use the verb to be to:

  1. show the position or status of someone: I am a teacher./ She is my boss. /They are my children.
  2. describe the characteristics of something or someone:  He is tall./ It is heavy./ We are 60 years old.
  3. express the location of something or someone: It’s on the left. / I am in front of the bus stop.


Affirmative forms and contractions:

Negative forms and contractions:

Yes/No questions:

Information questions:

Fill in the blanks:

Short answers:

Put the words in order:

Great interactive video exercises by  English Language Club:

Be by johnhain. retreived from

CC0 Public Domain     88x31


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A/An/The/ Zero article-Basic 6

This is a brown table. – 1 table

Table: by Nemos -  retrieved fom Pixabay

Table: by Nemos – retrieved fom Pixabay


A restaurant is a place to eat. – not specific

Bistro by Skittephoto - retrieved from pixabay

Bistro by Skittephoto – retrieved from pixabay

Look at this photo! This is the restaurant I discovered in my last trip. – A specific restaurant

It was an amazing place!


Complete the text

Explanation and exercises

More exercises
audio exercise

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Cleft sentences – Emphasis- Advanced 7

The reason why we should keep learning is

  • to challenge ourselves.
  • to stimulate our brains.
  • to keep up with current trends.
  • to obtain a better understanding of the unceasningly changing world.

“We use cleft sentences, especially in speaking, to connect what is already understood to what is new to the listener. In a cleft sentence, a single message is divided (cleft) into two clauses. This allows us to focus on the new information.” Cambridge Dictionaries Online

BBC world service explanation and exercises

Educastur pdf with answer key

Multiple-choice exercise (made by Carmen Luisa)

Oxford University Press: unscramble the sentences

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-Christmas is a season for kindling the

December is a time for celebrations around the world. Independantly from your beliefs, this holiday season is a great time to share with family and friends.  Moreover, we can learn a bit about culture. Chistmas activities vocabulary exercise

Esl Lab Listening actvity Christmas Quiz


Winter celebrations – National Geographic Kids

Winter Solstice Celebrations – Britannica

From Christmas to Diwali – United Planet

Some recipes for the holidays!



Vegetarian Chifa

5 vegan friendly restaurants

My husband usually does the cooking and we sometimes go out to eat. When looking for options to link in this post I also discovered more places to try!


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Had better – Basic 9

fliegenpilze by  Meik Schmidt

Fliegenpilze by Meik Schmidt  


You’ d better not eat those mushrooms. They could alter you mood and thoughts!

We use had better to refer to the present or the future. It expresses strong recommendations and warnings.

It is followed by a verb in base form.

We often reduce it to ’d better in informal situations.

Total learn English
Affirmative or negative?

Had better or would rather

English Grammar Secrets
Example sentences and exercises

Oxford University Press
Had better or would rather

Fiesta Esl
Complete the sentences using had better plus the correct verb

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CAE Writing samples

Made with Angela Sato

Made with

No matter how you feel about your writing skills, reading samples will help you have a clearer understanding of how to fulfill the expectations of the task. Even though we proofread, we tend to  overlook mistakes or we are unable to recognize that the language we have used is does not suit the purpose. Consequently, comparing your drafts with the following examples will result in obtaining better writing skills.

“Get advice from exam writing expert Fiona Joseph with her weekly CAE writing task. See corrected answers submitted by students in our ‘Makeover’ page. Plus: vocabulary and grammar exercises to help you develop your writing skills!”
Flo-Joe CAE Writing Class

Writing Tasks from the CAE Handbook – Cambridge ESOL Russia


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How long have you …? (for,since) Basic 9


for six days, for a night, for hours
I have done Karate for about 2 years.


since last week, since yesterday, since then,
since I was a child, since my retirement
I have done Karate since 2013

University of Victoria ELC – choose for or since – type for or since

A Byte of Language – complete the phrases 

Montes Moraes – Read and write a sentence

answers below




















Answers to the pdf










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Present simple exercises – Basic 2

It is a good day to review!

How often do you use the Internet to study?

Do you watch videos or listen to music on youtube?

Try these exercises and get more practice.


Present simple exercises:

conjugate the verb in parenthesis

write Yes/No questions: Do/Does ….?

present simple questions


various exercises on present simple

Unscramble the sentences with frequency adverbs




complete the sentences

Reading from Check out the page for more activities!

Exercises from esl.about:


Mary’s Hobbies and Interests

Tim’s day


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I have some exercises to practise English! Basic 1

Hello again!

I have a nice Basic 1 class. They are my students this months. We have  a lot to do and we are very enthusiastic about that. We don’t have time to sleep in class!

Have vs be 1

have vs Be 2

Have vs Be 3

Type have or has

Have or has ?

Rewrite in negative form

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Locations Basic 1

Hi, guys!

I am at my parents’ house. My parents’s house is next to a park and near a school. I go to their house by taxi because it’s far from my house.

Practise with the following links:

Watch the video and review

Put the conversation in order

Put the conversation in order 2

Language Note: opposite = across from

Take care!