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Unit 10, Lesson 1-2 practice – Basic 3


Fruit vocabulary

Vocabulary pictures

Vocabulary and exercises


Choose the correct option

Countable or uncountable?

Put the words into the correct category

Correct the sentences 

Featured image: Tomatoes


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Can fruit be cute?

You bet! Have you ever heard of kawaii? In Japanese kawaii means cute,lovely and charming. Fruity Cuties is a webpage which presents adorable fruit and vegetable characters. According to them they are “the largest kawaii fruit website in the world”. There are jokes sorted by character, theme and date. Short animations are available on Fruit TV.

Besides, you will find wallpapers in the Goodies section. They can serve as great visual aids, too. My favorite is the one of Turnip Turtles. Why not use it as pronunciation practice?

By the way, Halloween is coming! Unfortunately, I’m not teaching my young learners the topic this month.However, if you teach chidlren you could use the Monster Maker game to have your young learners practice Speaking with some vocabulary about fruit.

They can also send their creation to the Wall of Weird. Convince them to add a description, too. 🙂
Fruity Cuties facebook
Avatar (waspberry)taken from -Goodies section!

Pumpkin image retrieved from pixabay