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Alphabear: Word it out!


Word games are perhaps not as popular as other bright 3D strategy games flooding Playstore and Istore. Nonetheless, Alphabear is a quite popular app. Basically, you have to spell words by selecting letters on a grid. Not only that, you must also prioritize your letter choices. Leaving letters unused for many turns makes them turn into bricks which take away space from the board which doesn’t let the bears that appear on it expand. The bigger the bears, the higher your score.

The game is free and you can play offline, too. Besides, it has adorable minimalst kawaii-style bears you can win if you score the necessary points. I have read many people (and that includes me) get hooked on it and it gets incredibly challenging as they progress through the game. This might just make you try harder and feel like looking up words.  I definitely think it’s worth giving it a try and checking your vocabulary. You might find new words when  trying to sort them out. Play and learn!

Check out the developer’s website,, to watch Alphabear’s trailer!


Origen: Alphabear

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Basic 7 – irregular verbs

video and exercises

It’s also important to check the pronunciation of irregular verbs in simple past.

tips and pronunciation


more exercises



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Basic 10 – Unit 4, past continuous





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Can – present ability; could: polite requests – Basic 4

Made at background picture: mountaind retrieved from

Made at
background picture: mountain retrieved from

Could you please tell me about your abilities? (polite request)

Well, I can speak 3 languages. I can play the piano but not very well. Also, I can ride a bike but not so fast. (expressing present abilities)


Englisch-hilfen: Short answers

English grammar secrets:

Mix and match

Put the words in order

What can they do? How well can they do it? – with video

An exercise by Montse Morales for The English Learning Website

Esl Games Plus: Catapult Game


Learn American English online

Read the questions, listen and answer by Damien Zellers

Can – Could (ability and requests): made by Carmen Luisa

Many exercises at

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Giving advice: Should(not) – Basic 4



Examples and exercises:

Complete the sentences:


Match the statements:

Practice Sentences with the modal verb ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ :



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Body parts – Basic 4



Body Parts Game

Look and select the correct answer

Look and write the correct name

Memory game

88x31Jump – picture retreived from pixabay

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A/An/The/ Zero article-Basic 6

This is a brown table. – 1 table

Table: by Nemos -  retrieved fom Pixabay

Table: by Nemos – retrieved fom Pixabay


A restaurant is a place to eat. – not specific

Bistro by Skittephoto - retrieved from pixabay

Bistro by Skittephoto – retrieved from pixabay

Look at this photo! This is the restaurant I discovered in my last trip. – A specific restaurant

It was an amazing place!


Complete the text

Explanation and exercises

More exercises
audio exercise

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Count and non-count nouns Basic 6



Watch and revise:

much or many video

Language Planet Toluca :

count and non count noun food video

by OpenClips  retrieved from
EGG CARTON by OpenClips
retrieved from
by dietmaha  retrieved from
CELERY STALKS by dietmaha
retrieved from




Watch and answer (answers below. scroll down)

Segment one:

  1. How many tomatoes are there?
  2. How much cheese is there?
  3. How many eggs are there?
  4. How much milk is there?
  5. How much celery is there?
  6. Are there any peas?
  7. Is there any pepper?

Segment 2:

  1. Which dessert do they want?
  2. What is the problem?

Segment 3:

  1. What do they want for lunch?
  2. What is the problem?

Segement 4:

  1. Are there any lemons?
  2. Are there any oranges?
  3. Is there any milk?
  4. How much water will Jimmy drink?
  5. How much water is there in the fridge?


English media lab:

How many? How much? ESL Question Answer Matching Quiz

Esl Games World :

How many? Sentences Exercise Game


Restaurant conversation: choose the correct word in parentheses









Answers to video activity:

Segment one:

  1. There is a bag.
  2. There is a piece.
  3. There is a carton.
  4. There is a carton.
  5. There is a stalk.
  6. No, there aren’t any.
  7. Yes, there is.

Segment 2:

  1. Apple pie.
  2. There aren’t any apples.

Segment 3:

  1. Sandwiches.
  2. There isn’t any bread.

Segement 4:

  1. No, there aren’t any.
  2. No, there aren’t any.
  3. No, there isn’t.
  4.  A glass.
  5. A bottle.


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Can fruit be cute?

You bet! Have you ever heard of kawaii? In Japanese kawaii means cute,lovely and charming. Fruity Cuties is a webpage which presents adorable fruit and vegetable characters. According to them they are “the largest kawaii fruit website in the world”. There are jokes sorted by character, theme and date. Short animations are available on Fruit TV.

Besides, you will find wallpapers in the Goodies section. They can serve as great visual aids, too. My favorite is the one of Turnip Turtles. Why not use it as pronunciation practice?

By the way, Halloween is coming! Unfortunately, I’m not teaching my young learners the topic this month.However, if you teach chidlren you could use the Monster Maker game to have your young learners practice Speaking with some vocabulary about fruit.

They can also send their creation to the Wall of Weird. Convince them to add a description, too. 🙂
Fruity Cuties facebook
Avatar (waspberry)taken from -Goodies section!

Pumpkin image retrieved from pixabay


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Just for fun!

T.G.I.F.! Actually, I feel every day is a good day. I know that the weekend is special for the majority and I have decided to write about something amusing. Yesterday I was looking for apps that might be not only entertaining but also challenging – and if possible that involve some learning. Suddenly, I run into one that seems worth it.





I was talking with my colleagues about it and that’s how I discovered it’s on Istore ,too. Its logo resembles the one Series or dumb deaths or Dumb ways to die’s, but ir’s from a different developer :AllinaDaysPlay.Besides, it’s a completely different idea. I don’t like the latter since it gets reptitive and I avoid games related to deaths.

Back to the issue, here are some examples. The cues on top do not appear on the game. In addition, you can pay some coins (earned when passing a level) to get some hints, but not the complete amswer.

unnamedunnamed (1)descarga


From my viewpoint the game is rather creative and might help you activate some vocabulary. When you get the answer you won’t forget it! I had to do some research on collocations to get an answer. If you just search for the answers online you will miss the aim. On the other hand, you are likely to encounter very tough brain-teasers and you’ll be tempted to cheat.


Similarly, the developer has released: Fun ways to learn:Places. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get the answer right away. It’s just a game!