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INTERMEDIATE 4 – inventions and their historical impact

Look around and pay attention to the simple everyday inventions that improve our lives and let’s face it, often make us lazier.

Someone in class mentioned toilet paper, who could deny it?

Now, for inspiration and reflection

examples of inventions

simple but popular

ideas are out there, what you need is to write them down in your own words and practice the language from the unit.

impact of ….
the automoblie
the internet
the television


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We were talking about new inventions to help us with daily life  problems. You know that for the project you can create, adapt or reinvent something.



Remixing ideas, getting inspired is a way to come up with innovative stuff.

Take a look and remix!

some of these are a must-have! and there are more ideas on the recommended articles.

at least you’ll smile

inventions on pinterest  I love the pen!

Have a nice weekend!