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Money talks – Basic level activity

Play money has proved to be a handy resource for teachers. I am teaching a very basic level course and the unit includes the family, the use of have, and numbers (tens and hundreds). During one of my downtown trips I finally got my hands on a stack of play money – soles, Peruvian currency – for a very affordable price.  Color printing isn’t an affordable option for me right now. That’s why, I chose buying ready made bills. I stll need to buy the coins. You could try printing bills and coins from


Today I brought them to class and my students set themselves up as banktellers, cashiers and customers. In simple language I explained they had to imagine they have a problem. The bankteller or cashier is distracted and gives you less money. Your quantity is incomplete. The bankteller completes the quantity by giving you the missing amount. Don’t forget to use body language and the items in question.

The following conversation is the model I presented.

A: I don’t have 120 soles. I have 80 soles.

B: I am sorry. Here you go, 40 soles.

A: Thank you.

B: You are welcome.

Do you have a child? Perhaps he or she can lend you his or her cash register. I forgot to ask my daughter for hers, but she usually  dislikes my using her toys for my classes.

Do you want to make the activity more realistic. Try my printable name tags

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