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Advanced 2, Unit 9, Lesson 1 – Passive voice


Present, past and future:

Future : predictions about the future

Will/ be going to + be + past participle

Future perfect: Actions that will be completed before some point in the future

will + have + been + Past Participle

Future as seen from the past: 

Would+ be+ past participle 

answers below


Passive Review:









Answers to Grammar Self-checks

1. a
2. b
3. a
Our lives will be improved by technology.

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Passive Gerunds and Infinitives – Intermediate 7

Passive gerunds

read the sentences and then rewrite in passive

Use the word in pareenthesis to complete the sentences

some dicitionaries also offer examples and explanations.

Cambridge Dictionaries’ 

Passive infinitives examples. exercise to rewrite sentences (the answers appear written right after the exercise so don’r scroll down until you have finished doing the exercise)

Passive Gerund or infinitive