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Basic 7 – irregular verbs

video and exercises

It’s also important to check the pronunciation of irregular verbs in simple past.

tips and pronunciation


more exercises




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Basic 7- Unit 7

Many of you requested listening practice for the past simple ending of regular verbs. Here I have some links with explanations (if you were absent), examples, audios and exercises.



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Children 12 – review

Les dejo links para que repasen los temas de las unidades 11 y 12

Comparatives and Superlatives

Complete the sentences with the correct words

Read the description and guess the animal + unscramble the sentences

Choose the correct answer

Esl kids world quiz

Past simple

Monkey sentence game – choose and then click on submit

Game 1 :Identify regular and irregular games + Game 2: choose the correct sentence

Jeopardy past simple game

Future with ‘going to’

Decide if the sentence is correct + Unscramble the sentences

Complete the text with the correct verb

Complete the sentences using ‘going to’ and the verb in parenthesis