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Buffalo software – Apps 2

We had some days off and I took my time to explore some apps. I have a smarthphone not Iphone, so I don’t have the chance to check Istore’s apps :(. Similarly to the majority of  limeños, I am fond of free apps. I was reviewing some to learn and practice idioms, which meant downloading and trying them.

Luckily I run into of the apps of Buffalo software: Idioms and Phrases. Honestly I had tried it before; however, perhaps due to my old and defective smartphone it didn’t work well. On the weekend it didn’t either, but today I tried one more time and it’s working perfectly. There are many more that just offer a dictionary like approach –  read and understand without practice.

I wrote this today but I changed my mind since the app stopped working well! 😦 The quiz doesn’t open unless you choose at least 2 categories and the questions have the answers on them!!!

It’s a shame to have such a superb idea wasted. On the other hand, they do have one that works well: 3350+ English Grammar Practice



You can check your answers one by one. Touch the tick on the top corner on the right and it show you how many right, wrong and unanswered questions you have. Therefore, if you check one by one you’ll know if it was right or not.

I’ll keep looking for free apps that are worth it!

Have an awesome day!

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This week I attended a conference and the presenter, Mario Herrera – a stunning teacher by the way, brought up the issue of introducing 21st century skills in the classroom. Keeping yourself updated is indeed a must to be competent and can help you find ways to encourage independent learning. THINGLINK  is an online service that enables you to make images interactive. Choose images and then insert “hot spots” that  will show multmedia or direct you to a link when the cursor is placed on them. I learned about this about 3 months ago and used it a couple of times. However, for some reason didn’t use it anymore but now I will again. I’ll show you one of my first examples below.

Sin título     After examining several online articles about Thinglink I have decided to start with two activities. 1.Multimedia definitions: Create an image using a vocabulary word. Let students add links with photos, videos, text or even webpages that demonstrate the meaning. Teachers can create groups if they have a teacher account. You create a group and register students by adding their names.They do not need a Thinglink account! After you register their names, you’ll obtain usernames and passwords  for each one.  Make sure you copy and distribute them since you’ll see them only once! Next students log in and create! 2.Classroom badges: Put pictures of  bagdes for different types of recognition you want to award your young learners with and tag their names plus an encouraging comment 🙂   Get more inspiration:

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How do you pronounce ‘beach’? This is one of the most popular questions for English learners. 

I am sure  your teachers have clarified carefully. Nonetheless, I’ll seize the opportunity to introduce an awesome site: Rachel’s English
Rachel is a teacher with extensive experience since 1999 and she is a singer and pronunciation coach. You will be exposed to native English speakers. Besides this, there are excerpts from real life conversations.

Watch her videos for American English pronunciation!

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We were talking about new inventions to help us with daily life  problems. You know that for the project you can create, adapt or reinvent something.



Remixing ideas, getting inspired is a way to come up with innovative stuff.

Take a look and remix!

some of these are a must-have! and there are more ideas on the recommended articles.

at least you’ll smile

inventions on pinterest  I love the pen!

Have a nice weekend!