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Past perfect – Intermediate 1

The weekend has been so short for me. Too little time and too many activities and ideas that haven’t been crystallized yet. Nonetheless, “believe you can and you’re halfway there.” (Theodore Roosevelt)

How about yours? Did you do anything exciting?

I hadn’t yet read the Smithsonian articles by Saturday evening.

I had already given my cats a bath by the time I turned on my laptop to start writing.

On Saturday my young students had gone home by 3pm because classes end at 2pm.

Now it’s your turn. think about your schedule and the activities you did.

Practice more with the following exercises:

Past perfect or past simple:


listen and complete the sentences.

listen and choose the correct answer

This is a special one since the lyrics, music and singing were made by a teacher. Admirable!

worksheet to complete while you listen


read the text and notice the use of the grammar