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Intermediate 5 – forget, remember, stop with infinitive and gerund

Gerund or infinitive after “forget”, “remember” and “stop”
Gap-fill exercise:

Explanation and exercises with more verbs: regret

Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper and then check:

Choose the correct answer:

Listen to Shakira’s song, Can’t remember to forget you. Complete the following statements:
What I tend ____ when it comes to you
I can’t remember _____ you
I keep ____ I should let you go
I never seemed ______ so stupid
The only memory is us ______ in the moonlight (o
What I’m trying ______ is not to forget

Read the lyrics, check your answers and sing!

Lyrics on the screen:


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Gerunds and Infinitives


There are some grammar points that need the 3Ps. There is no magical formula that will make you learn instantly. This week we´ve been dealing with gerunds and infinitives (as a review and new uses, too). Practicing is a little everyday works wonders!

explanation, examples, exercises Really Learn English’s site also has a great explanatory chart in pdf

BBC grammar challenge with audio and pdf!

explanation and exercises

exercises by level (English page)

multiple choice exercise

varied exercises

tons of exercises at

Video with different songs extracts! XD and subtitles!

If you like any of the songs, look for the lyrics and sing it out loud. Print the lyrics and circle the gerunds/infinitives.