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present simple: to be – Basic 5

We use the verb to be to:

  1. show the position or status of someone: I am a teacher./ She is my boss. /They are my children.
  2. describe the characteristics of something or someone:  He is tall./ It is heavy./ We are 60 years old.
  3. express the location of something or someone: It’s on the left. / I am in front of the bus stop.


Affirmative forms and contractions:

Negative forms and contractions:

Yes/No questions:

Information questions:

Fill in the blanks:

Short answers:

Put the words in order:

Great interactive video exercises by  English Language Club:

Be by johnhain. retreived from

CC0 Public Domain     88x31


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I have some exercises to practise English! Basic 1

Hello again!

I have a nice Basic 1 class. They are my students this months. We have  a lot to do and we are very enthusiastic about that. We don’t have time to sleep in class!

Have vs be 1

have vs Be 2

Have vs Be 3

Type have or has

Have or has ?

Rewrite in negative form

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INDUCTION – to be yes/no questions


Are you a student? Yes, Iam. I am definitely an English student.
Are you interested in English? Yes, I am. Of course!

practice and feel good