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Basic 6 -Unit: 5, electronics and appliances

Listening and speaking:

Exercise on appliances:


More vocabulary:


featured image: outlet

CC0 Public Domain

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Vocabulary to describe pictures – Advanced 7


Canvas image:  CC0 Public Domain


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Alphabear: Word it out!


Word games are perhaps not as popular as other bright 3D strategy games flooding Playstore and Istore. Nonetheless, Alphabear is a quite popular app. Basically, you have to spell words by selecting letters on a grid. Not only that, you must also prioritize your letter choices. Leaving letters unused for many turns makes them turn into bricks which take away space from the board which doesn’t let the bears that appear on it expand. The bigger the bears, the higher your score.

The game is free and you can play offline, too. Besides, it has adorable minimalst kawaii-style bears you can win if you score the necessary points. I have read many people (and that includes me) get hooked on it and it gets incredibly challenging as they progress through the game. This might just make you try harder and feel like looking up words.  I definitely think it’s worth giving it a try and checking your vocabulary. You might find new words when  trying to sort them out. Play and learn!

Check out the developer’s website,, to watch Alphabear’s trailer!


Origen: Alphabear

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Basic 10, Unit car parts and driving vocabulary


Car parts

Picture dictionary with listening exercises

Exterior parts

Interior parts

On the road vocabulary:

Driving vocabulary:

Listening and reading practice:


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Demonstratives – Basic 2

image by niekverlaan retrieved from

image by niekverlaan retrieved from


video – explanation and exercise:

this or that:

Choose this/these and wear/wears:



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Clothes – Basic 2


laundry by Peter Griffin retriieved from

laundry by Peter Griffin
retriieved from


clothes and colors:

click start and answer the quiz

listen and match

clothe crossword puzzle

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Health problems – Basic 4

Doctor by DarkoStojanovic  - picture retrieved from pixabay

Doctor by DarkoStojanovic – picture retrieved from pixabay


  1. AILMENT: a bodily disorder or chronic disease.
  2. REMEDY: a medicine or treatment that relieves pain or cures a usually minor illness. *relieve:  to make (a problem) less serious.
  3. INJURY: harm or damage.


Free online Picture Dictionary for Kids:  At the hospital

*orderly: a person who works in a hospital and does various jobs (such as moving patients or cleaning)



  1. Marshall Adult Education: Look at the pictures and choose the correct option
  2. Jerome Bluingez: Look and match
  3. Learning apps: Drag and match
  4. Web Listen and complete



various exercises



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Body parts – Basic 4



Body Parts Game

Look and select the correct answer

Look and write the correct name

Memory game

88x31Jump – picture retreived from pixabay

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-Christmas is a season for kindling the

December is a time for celebrations around the world. Independantly from your beliefs, this holiday season is a great time to share with family and friends.  Moreover, we can learn a bit about culture. Chistmas activities vocabulary exercise

Esl Lab Listening actvity Christmas Quiz


Winter celebrations – National Geographic Kids

Winter Solstice Celebrations – Britannica

From Christmas to Diwali – United Planet

Some recipes for the holidays!



Vegetarian Chifa

5 vegan friendly restaurants

My husband usually does the cooking and we sometimes go out to eat. When looking for options to link in this post I also discovered more places to try!


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CAE Writing samples

Made with Angela Sato

Made with

No matter how you feel about your writing skills, reading samples will help you have a clearer understanding of how to fulfill the expectations of the task. Even though we proofread, we tend to  overlook mistakes or we are unable to recognize that the language we have used is does not suit the purpose. Consequently, comparing your drafts with the following examples will result in obtaining better writing skills.

“Get advice from exam writing expert Fiona Joseph with her weekly CAE writing task. See corrected answers submitted by students in our ‘Makeover’ page. Plus: vocabulary and grammar exercises to help you develop your writing skills!”
Flo-Joe CAE Writing Class

Writing Tasks from the CAE Handbook – Cambridge ESOL Russia